Tracey West AKA Sebastian Michaels - Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitar, Entertainer

Born in Nashville and raised in Lebanon, TN, Tracey started singing at the age of four. His father would take him to the local radio studio on Sunday mornings to sing with their pastor. As he got older, he discovered KISS, Stryper and 80's hair bands and was hooked! He fronted the bands The Guilty in the late 80's and EZY 2 Pleaz in the early 90's. He left the scene in 1992 to raise his family. In 2015, Tracey was introduced to Tony Person and he got the rock n roll itch all over again. Tony's band was in need of a singer, so he joined Credence Found. He and Tony played together in Credence Found and in the new band - Under the Influence of Rock n Roll - started by Tracey and Danny Jo Brown. Sadly, Tony passed away of a heart attack in January 2018. Tracey loves to entertain and his relationship with the crowd takes you back to the days when the hair was big and the music was loud!

Taylor McKee

Aleksey Gulyamov - bassist

My older sister played a guitar and sang, and was my biggest influence. At the age of 9 she literally sent me to music school and my mom bought me a German made classical guitar Musima for 90 Russian roubles. 5 years later I graduated with a bunch of Italian, French and Hispanic tunes in my head, as well as some Beatles and Elvis as my teachers Anvar Idealovich & Yuri Gallaktionovich, helped me learn on the side and that was the biggest motivator of what kept me in school. Classical guitar was painful on my fingers and I cried sometimes. It wasn't long until I was playing Beatles and Elvis on the streets and in the little clubs. I especially loved new hair metal music like Deep Purple, KISS, Ozzy, Europe, Queen, Cinderella, Ratt, Poison, Mtley Crue and Bon Jovi. I was also influenced by disco, Boney M, Max - Mix lV, Supermax. The love of "rubber" effects influenced me so much that I could reproduce them on bass. Funk music helped me broaden my classical background and from then on I started looking for my sound, trying to replicate the synth sounds of "alien mothership ascending", deep resonant punches reminding subterranean submersion, the sounds of lithospheric collision. Experiments like that gave birth to a weird fictional imagination that drew me to the level where I could not consider myself apart from music anymore... I have been honored to play hundreds of gigs with bands of all styles and genres, and now it's the glam - rock which is such great fun! I hope you will enjoy what I play, because I do it for the love of music and for you to love what I do!

Andrew Herrera - Guitar, Vocals

Andrew was born in the desert of Albuquerque, NM in 1990. His parents put him in private voice lessons at the age of 3 and Andrew continued with this teacher for 16 years! At age 7, Andrew picked up the guitar and started taking guitar lessons as well as voice lessons. 2011 was the first time he recorded in a recording studio and he loved working in the studio. So Andrew started working on his own original songs. This album was recorded in the studio in 2013 when he was just 13 years old! All through Middle School and High School Andrew was winning awards for Best Actor and Best Male Vocalist in addition to being section leader in Choir. After High School Graduation, knowing that there was not much of a future doing music in Albuquerque, the big move to Nashville, TN was imminent! Andrew started studying Music Theory with Berklee Online, the online branch for Berklee College Of Music. After a couple performances in Nashville he was approached by indie artist Jillian Kohr. Soon, they started working together. Andrew was on Guitar and Bass Guitar duty. They did shows in TN - TX - NY - Fl and other performances. In 2016 Andrew started focusing on Solo music and Acting! He appeared multiple times on the tv shows Nashville, Still The King, STAR as well as a few Music Videos. Andrew has also been in the movies, Cliffs Of Freedom and Thor: Ragnarok. They got along and started working on some music together. Now they are bandmates in Under The Influence of Rock & Roll!!!

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